Most Watched Sporting Event

The most important sporting events in the world bring huge profits to the organizers. Today, our site has prepared a rating for you, in which you will learn what is the most watched sporting event in the world and which ones are the most profitable.

1. Summer Olympic Games - $419 million

The Olympic Games competitions are held in the summer. The financiers estimated the brand of the “Summer Olympics” at 419 million. A huge number of sports, high demands on the organizers, bright opening and closing ceremonies, all this makes the Olympic Games one of the main world sports festivals for millions of people around the world.

2. Winter Olympic Games - $285 million

Not far behind the Summer and Winter Olympics. Of course, these competitions cannot compete in popularity with summer ones, because for many countries winter sports are impossible due to climatic conditions. Also, winter sports are more often less accessible due to high prices. Nevertheless, competitions that were first held back in 1924 and today are perhaps one of the greatest festivals held once every four years.

3. FIFA World Cup - $229 million

Where do without soccer. Every year the most popular sport on the planet only strengthens its position in the world rankings. Of course, when the next World Cup starts, sports fans from all continents forget about other sports. The incredible atmosphere, the excitement around the extra ticket, the best footballers on the planet stay in one country which makes the World Cup football the greatest and expensive event of the four years.

4. NCAA Men’s Final Four - $ 228 million

It is difficult for Europeans to understand how student sports in the USA can bring in crazy profits. And the NCAA can, especially in basketball. But this is not surprising, because all professional sports in the United States rests on student sports, which, in turn, relies on school sports. It is after the student's bench that the majority of young, but already rather masterly basketball players get into the NBA through the Draft selection system.

5. WWE (wrestling) - $195 million

Wrestling is one of the sports, confirming the differences in cultures of the United States and Europe. If for Europeans this kind of sport is alien and incomprehensible, then for Americans it is one of the main attractions, gathering an incredible number of spectators. In 2018, Wrestlemania became the most visited wrestling show held in the USA (101,763 fans).


6. UEFA Champion’s League - $ 185 million

The main club football tournament in Europe is located on the 5th place. Only this professional European sports league managed to get into the TOP-10. Neither the Europa League, nor any other European league could compete with American competitions. The revenues from the Champions League are growing every year, interest in the tournament is only increasing, and all European football clubs dream of getting into the group round.

7. College football playoff - $176 million

And again, the USA. And again, student sports. American football, even at the student level, is estimated to be a tiny amount of money. The cost of a playoff student league is $176 million.

8. Daytona 500 - $140 million

Daytona 500 racing. Annual race Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series. Competitions have been held regularly in Florida since 1959. The length of the route is 500 miles, which is 803 km. It should be noted that the Forbes ranks seven NASCAR drivers among the highest paid athletes in the top ten are. Three more are Formula 1.

9. The Grand National

Endurance and speed turn the Grand National obstacle race into the most famous race in the world. The three-day competition held at the British racetrack Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool. It was first held in 1839. 40 riders and 7 kilometers of run with obstacles. Real skill is required from horses and their owners to overcome all obstacles prepared by the organizers with honor. In total, they need to jump 30 fences, as well as 6-foot moat. After overcoming the final obstacle, the horse becomes the winner, having first overcome the finishing line of the 451-meter race. Grand National horse races are held every April and are the most popular sport discipline among the British, gathering 26,000 spectators.

10. 24 hours Le Mans

The race is organized by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest, ACO, which is the largest automobile club in France. It was founded by enthusiastic racers in 1906. Skill, speed and endurance - these definitions characterize the best automobile race of the world - 24 hours of Le Mans. This competition combines past and present. The competition is held on the highway Sarta near the town of Le Mans, standing on the river Sarta. About 46 cars start in several classes, including specially built prototypes, racing and civilian versions. Diversity is defined by a mixture of classic and modern participants. The winner is the participant who traveled the greatest distance in the allotted 24 hours. During this time, 3 drivers take turns in each team. The first 24 hours of Le Mans took place in May 1923. Now the race is held annually in June. Start occurs at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and in the next 24 hours the surroundings are filled with the sound of roaring engines.

11. British Polo Day Polo Tournament

British Polo Day - a series of tournaments in horse polo with a truly English restraint and aristocracy, held in different countries of the world. Among them: Singapore, China, Mexico, India, Thailand, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, France, Russia and others. The polo tradition originated hundreds of centuries ago in Persia and China, but it was the British who presented the modern version of the sport to the world. The officers of the British Cavalry Regiment traveled to different corners of the earth and spread it from Argentina to Australia. The main goal of the game is to score a goal in the opponent’s seven-meter gate, and after each goal the teams change the side.

British polo is considered one of the most prestigious in the world. British Polo Day gathers the best players and secular fans from different countries - over the last year, 12 royal families and more than 10,000 selected guests visited the event.